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DJ Katapila makes Ga traditional music using electronic sounds instead of live percussion to create his own kind of what he calls house music. In the context of Ghana's pop music landscape, Katapila's music is singular. The uptempo, bass-heavy, Roland rooted sounds echo early 's Detroit techno and Chicago acid house more than the contemporary hiplife productions blasting across Ghanaian airwaves currently.

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However, the structure of Katapila's sound directly descends from Ga musical lineage found Cauta i DJ Eastern Woman Accra.

Neo-traditional dance music forms gome, kpanlogo and gyama are there.

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DJ Katapila didn't start producing music until he was 39 years old. Aroundbegan chanting and rapping in Twi and Ga during instrumental breaks of songs he was DJing.

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He added Yamaha DD11 electronic drum pads and sampler and invented new creations on the fly. Katapila then began experimenting with program beats using Fruity Loops on his laptop. Katapila mixed international tunes with highlife - J.

This blend helped set the stage for Trotro and the inspired yet minimalist dance music Katapila now creates.

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