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Dating Benin Woman

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Dating Benin Woman

In precolonial times Benin City was the political and cultural centre of a vast kingdom on the territory of today Federal Republic fete de casatorie chisinau Nigeria.

Primarily funded by the Edo community, the Benin Kingdom flourished independently from c. At that time Oranmiyan, a Yoruba prince from Ife, a neighbouring kingdom, married an Edo woman thus becoming king or oba of the new dynasty.


At its peak, at the beginning of the 17th century, the Benin Kingdom extended northwest to the state of Dahomey today the Republic of Benineastward to the Niger River, and westward beyond Lagos on the coast. Benin, both city and state, remained independent until when a British punitive expedition entered the city, in response to the massacre of a British trade mission.

Dating Benin Woman

The European invaders were astounded by the artistic sophistication of the more than two thousand artefacts found in the palace compound of the oba or king.

Finely carved in ivory or cast in copper alloy, these objects included, among others, commemorative Dating Benin Woman, tusks, pendant masks and bracelets such as the ones you will discover in the exhibition as well as gongs, ceremonial swords and staffs, stools, chests and enchanting pictorial plaques.

Dating Benin Woman

Though many of the bronze and ivory treasures were taken from the city as war booty at the time of the British punitive expedition and found their way into private collections and museums, a fair portion remained hidden or lost and Dating Benin Woman still surfacing.

The art of Benin City is a royal art, the product of an urban court. As a result, Benin art is more politically motivated and more secular in intent than most African art.

Dating Benin Woman

It is meant to symbolize and to extol or affirm the power, mystique, grandeur, continuity and endurance of the ruling dynasty and its governing institutions. The palace in Benin City had a monopoly on the use of copper alloys and ivory for the making of ritual objects that projected the power of the oba or king.

Dating Benin Woman

One tusk from every elephant killed within the Benin Kingdom fell in tribute to the oba which provided him both with adequate supplies for his own use and for the external commerce that seemed to have an insatiable appetite for ivory.

This royal domination of trade meant that ivory could be exported and brass imported in a way that kept them out of the hands of commoners and effectively retained them as royal materials within a special political and religious sphere.

Dating Benin Woman

All pre-colonial dates are approximates. An exact chronology has not been achieved for Benin history, its dynasties and artworks.

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We must therefore rely on a fragile combination of oral history and the results of radiocarbon and thermoluminescent Dating Benin Woman for the dating of objects.