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OrthodoxWiki Icon of Arch. O Μανταμάδος refers to a miraculous icon of the Archangel Michael on the island of Lesvos and is one of the four miraculous icons of the Archangel in the Dodecanese of Greece. The monastery is known locally as Taxiarches the "Archangel" and the feast of the icon is celebrated on November 8 the Synaxis of the Bodiless Powers and September 6 the Miracle at Colossae. Mantamados icon There are two accounts surrounding the date of this icon, one having to do with the Ottoman Turkish occupation and destruction ofand the other Dating Girl Lille Saracen pirates during the 9th and 10th centuries during which the entire island was invaded.

In either case, the story of the creation of the icon shares the theme that the target of the raids was the monastery of the Taxiarchis. The pirates threatened the monks with death if they would not reveal the Dating Girl Lille of the hidden villagers. The monks refused and the invaders slaughtered all of the monks except for one novice-monk [1] As the pirates where leaving, the novice climbed to the roof of the monastery to be sure that the pirates had left.

However, the pirates noticed him from afar and returned to kill him as well. It is at this point in the story that the Archangel Michael makes his appearance in front of the Saracens with his own sword drawn forcing them to retreat in terror[2].

Thanks to this miracle from the Archangel the monk survived and descending to the courtyard buried the bodies of his fellow brotherhood. The monk still in deep respect and reverence for having witnessed the Archangel Michael in all his fury, gathered up the earth that was red by the blood of the martyred monks and shaped it into the icon-sculpture Dating Girl Lille the Archangel as it is today; while it was still vivid in Dating Girl Lille memory.

According to legend, the monk did not have enough of this dirt-blood mix and so the head of the Archangel has turned out disproportionately larger to the rest Dating Girl Lille his body. This icon, is now kept within the Dating Girl Lille of the church.

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Many islanders claim to have had personal experiences of miracles being granted for them by Mantamados. This is evident by the numerous cabinets full of tagmata gifts to the Archangel housed inside the church. To this day, pilgrims to this church have mixed emotions regarding this icon. At times, the expression on the icon can appear severe, sad, or happy, according to the message that the Archangel wants to convey to that pilgrim or the faithful. This is the tradition of the much-celebrated icon of Mantamados.

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Monastery of the Taxiarchis Monastery of Mantamados On the island of Lesvos, one can visit this miraculous icon at the Byzantine Monastery of the Taxiarchis Archangel Michael in the district of Mantamados. This monastery is situated in the northeast part of Lesvos, 36 km from Mytilini. The history of this monastery and the icon are Dating Girl Lille connected to the history of the island of Lesvos.

This is a famous monastery, made of stone. The small church within the monastery originally dates from the 17th century but was replaced by larger church in the 18th century. The present church cathedral was constructed in and follows a three-aisled basilica architectural type. The monastery is structured para-metrically around this church. Archangel Michael of Mantamado www. They would raid the Aegean islands, robbing and burning and capturing the people whom they later sold in the slave bazaars of East Lesvos, a wealthy and attractive island which had already become the prize booty of the pirates.

In the Mantamados area was located a monastery for men dedicated to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel and All the Angels, Dating Girl Lille founding is lost in the depths of the centuries. Entrance to the Monastary The following is the story of the monastery: As we approach the Monastery of the Taxiarhes Archanagels of Mantamado, we note that it has the appearance of a well fortified castle with high walls and a tower.

It used to be a truly blessed monastery containing many golden relics, icons, offerings and other church treasures. The monks who used to live there had an angelic demeanor. Gently-spoken and humble, they had an imposing presence and courage which made the pirates afraid to confront them.

During numerous attempts to invade the monastery, they encountered vigorous resistance. Thus, the pirates determined maliciously to crush it. I want only the golden cup he was referring to the Chalicethat the monks use for the liturgy, so I can drink my wine from it.

Everything else is yours. They approached the monastery around midnight and hid behind the trees. They had already learnt the normal routine of the monastery and had waited for a night when a wake would Dating Girl Lille place in the church.

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They delayed till they were certain that all the monks were inside the church and the prayer of the monk on guard in the tower was focused on the angelic chant of his brothers, and then they attacked. They first killed the guard-monk and then silently massacred the monks inside the church one by one. They continued to the sanctuary and slaughtered the Mass servers; the abbot was butchered on the Holy Altar!

Inside the sanctuary there was also a young lay brother, Gabriel, who, witness to this evil event, scrambled nimbly to the roof of the monastery to save himself. He was seen by the pirates who tried to follow him to kill him.

Dictionar expresii engleza

But, at that moment, a thunderous sound was heard and the roof was Dating Girl Lille transformed into a tempestuous sea! Above the white caps of the waves, there appeared a huge and fierce soldier with a flaming sword. He advanced towards the pirates who abandoned their weapons and stolen booty and fled panic-stricken. Gabriel, the only survivor of that tragedy, trembling in awe from the miracle, moved towards the icon of the Dating Girl Lille Michael and fell to his knees.

When he had recovered from the shock, he raised his eyes. But what face did he see? Instead of a painting, the face of the Archangel Michael seemed to be alive and had about it a divine sweetness. The lay brother felt the desire to portray the face that he saw.

His hands, which felt as if they were driven by an invisible force, quickly and steadily formed the face of the Archangel Michael with the clay. It was the same face he had seen in the roof of the Church. So, when he realized that he had almost run out of clay, he made a thin line for a body and two smaller lines for arms and legs just Dating Girl Lille the stick people usually drawn by young Dating Girl Lille Then, the first villagers of Mantamado started to arrive at the monastery on horeseback.

The chilling sight of the murder scene made them shudder.

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They saw that the pirates were dead and scattered all around the yard. Every one of them had been killed by a sword stroke that split them from forehead to abdomen cutting their bodies in two. The sword strike was identical on each pirate!

None of the villagers asked who had done that. Everyone surmised the identity of the avenger. There was no doubt. On the cheeks and forehead of the icon, believers place metal coins for blessing that leave marks on the face though these marks then fade away. They do the same with the beads of perspiration which occasionally appear on the icon. Another miracle is that a good and faithful person who approaches the icon to pray may receive an unique reaction from St.

Michael the Archangel. The expression on Dating Girl Lille face of the icon might change to a healthy shade of red and sometimes there is a joyful smile on the face of the icon! It is widely believed that the Archangel has appeared many times in the past to the Turks by whom he is respected and revered but also feared. Inside the church, a variety of military offerings such as swords, shields and uniforms may Dating Girl Lille seen. They then ask him to help find what they are searching for.

Young ladies usually ask for help in finding a suitable husband. When their paths lead them back to the monastery, the pilgrims search for the shoes they had offered the Archangel. They then check the sole to see if the shoes have been worn and, if they have, it is a sign that the Archangel has used them to search on their behalf and that Dating Girl Lille prayer will be answered; if not, they take it to mean that he has not yet had the time to carry out that search!

On the morning of the day after the Turkish attack, the sacristan of the church of the Archangels in Lesvos arose very early. His eyes gaped as he searched for the icon of the Archangel which was missing.

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He was bathed in a cold sweat. His trembling hands made the sign of the Cross time after time. He was surprised and concerned to see the look of amazement on the face of the sacristan whose eyes were glued to the same spot to which he also pointed with his hand.

The icon was missing for a whole week. The icon suddenly reappeared in its Dating Girl Lille place, in the same miraculous way as it had disappeared. Time went by. One cold winter morning the sacristan of Mantamado heard the galloping of a horse. He went outside and saw a young man who had just gotten down from Dating Girl Lille horse and was carrying a goat on his shoulders.

He then lit a candle which was as tall as he was. He then knelt down and Dating Girl Lille before the icon, caressing with trembling hands and eyes full of tears the clay face of the Archangel. It was past midnight on August 12th, when we were caught unexpectedly in the firing line of Dating Girl Lille Turkish Cypriots. We were always on our guard because we knew Dating Girl Lille treacherous the enemy could be.

We were having difficulties with their naval attack but were unharmed by their air force fire. Within a few hours, we had the Dating Girl Lille under control and prepared to counter-attack. It was as if we had wings on our feet. We hunted them down and almost chased them into the sea. Full of enthusiasm, we were running towards the enemy with almost no back up. I see not more than five metres in front of me an unidentified shape.

I see the barrel of the gun turning towards me and, having no-where to hide, I fall to the ground and cover my head with my helmet. At that moment, a deafening noise almost took away my hearing.

Then, I felt someone touching me, searching for me, lifting me. They were our people. How do you feel? I checked my body with my hands but found Cum sa flirtezi cu o fata PDF wound.

Then, I remembered the machine gun and looked towards where I had seen it but saw nothing. In the place where it had been located there were only shards and an huge hole in the ground. Just when the Turks invaded Cyprus, this icon mysteriously disappeared for a week!

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He gazed tenderly at the icon of the Archangel Michael, his eyes filled with tears. The Archangel made an apparition to that boy. Young Vasilis was playing when he fell and injured his head very badly. He was transferred to the nearest hospital where they claimed blindness and paralysis caused by the trauma. He needs to be in the operation room immediately, but the hopes of the operation succeeding are close to zero percentage.

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So the father took a pen and signed the Dating Girl Lille allowing the operation to be performed on his child. The child was taken to the operation room and while he was being prepared for the operation-according to his memory- the darkness of his eyes flew away and a bright vision took its place; He was standing before a temple with arches and the front exterior wall of the building was made of red rocks.

Vasilis reached the door and saw a handsome lad, bathed in light with his arms stretched. The operation was a success!

The paralysis and the blindness were cured. The doctors said that it was a miracle! The day on the calendar was the 8th of November, the day we celebrate the Dating Girl Lille Taxiarchs.

Years went by and Vasilis was desperately trying to locate the place he had seen in his vision but all his efforts gave no fruit. That was until one day, when he recognized the temple of his vision in a television show. Deeply moved, he set off as a pilgrim to the Taxiarch, to offer his savior his tears of gratitude. Michailari begged Him to help her with her problem.

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At down she fell asleep. She immediately fell on her knees and begged Him for a child. Thank God for that Gift. Nine years had gone by, so she started getting desperate. She turned to science. Hard times with no results.

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She was then informed that there was a doctor in England that could give one per cent chance of giving birth after operating on women and she prepared her luggage for a trip to England.