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I just go with the flow and I'll see how it works, kind of, alone.

Simona Halep set to fly solo: 'I just want to chill'

They remain great friends and Halep says the two are still in constant contact, with the veteran Aussie coach offering advice when he can. We have a very good relationship.

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I asked for advice and he gave it to me. We talked during the off-season as well. It's not the same of course, because he's not my coach anymore. But we are great friends and that is the most important. I can say it's tough without him. I have helping me the [Romanian] Fed Cup captain, but he's not my coach.

He just came to be around.


I'm more responsible now on everything that I have to do. Maybe it's a good thing, I will see.

Police are appealing for the public’s help in tracing a missing woman from Halifax.

No player has a longer active streak in the Top 10 and she became the first player since Serena to finish No. Last season, only Halep and Serena made two major finals. It was an effort that left her physically broken and emotionally exhausted. Now I feel like I don't want to commit to anyone because when you take a coach you have to commit to that person and you want to do the best for him and the team.

So I feel better caut o femeie divortata piatra neamț I stay like this. It's my decision and I don't know if it's the best, but I took the risk Dating White Woman pe Facebook do that.

I try to enjoy more.

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I try to be happy. I was always, but now I feel more relaxed and enjoy other things as well. Dating White Woman pe Facebook Australian Open finalist pushed back her season start date by a week to start in Sydney instead of Shenzhen. The good news is that practices have gone well so far. So no pain, no stress, but you never know until the official matches, so I'm waiting for this week to see how I feel.

Concerns growing for missing Halifax woman Elena Stoica | Halifax Courier

It was a very long time. I went out, I met people, I had a great time with friends.

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I had a few parties. Before I hadn't. Now I discovered the real life. I feel relaxed," Halep said.

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It's going to be a tough start because I have almost three months without official matches and without a coach. But for now I feel good and happy. So I will look after it a lot during this period. I know I talked a lot about it last year but I still want to improve. The tennis will take care of itself I think, if I train normal, if I train hard, I think I will be ok.

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But always the official matches are different. So I don't want to say I feel great now before seeing how I am actually on court.

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So next week I will talk more because I will know more.