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More Taifas Literary Magazine no. July 1, Dr. From there to here Your forgiveness i owe you They are looking for food Your love i need Humanity is dead May your heart receive me.

We have become so rude Like a king We are seeing them I want you to believe me. How helpless the laborers are! So get ready It's my right Dr. Shailesh Gupta Veer is an Indian poet. He And your laugh. He has edited about a dozen literary Only you my heart. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines, journals, anthologies and websites. He has won many awards in the field of poetry and Biographie literature.

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His poems have been translated into Chinese, Greek and French languages. Warda Zerguine is born Elite Darling Dating Site Guelma Algeria. He was born in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He She is writer, poetess and journalist. She writes poems in arrabic, french and english He has participated in many national and She caut femeie din basarabeasca published 4 books on folk proverbs international seminars and fests.

His poetry attracts hearts of many, while forcing brains to get She has participted in many anthologies, in calculative. All these can clearly be seen in his Algeria and abroad in Morrocco, Tunisia, Jordan works of poetry.

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He was declared a Literary Icon in and Liban. His poems were read on The magazines in arrabic and english. Dear John Show of Warrington, England.

July 1, editorial appreciate each other and build a solid world Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo full of joy and happiness through pens and ink.

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In this new edition of this global magazine, Editorial there are so much to get and so much to enjoy. The magazine come with diverse ideas from the world up growing poets of Elite Darling Dating Site time to cast Literature is life and anything about anything is literature, literature is meant to the way of beautiful memories, education and story telling.

Grupurile de coloniști a început construirea primei permanente cunoscute case pe pământ Scoțian în jurul valorii de acum de ani, iar primele sate în jur de 6. Bine conservat sat din Skara Brae pe continent din Orkney datează din această perioadă.

In the effort to Poetry is one of the genres of literature that nourish literature and improves it this aims to inspire and relaxes the mind, through magazine was given birth, and this month of thoughts and rhythmic words. Poetry is an June edition is not different from the rest of aesthetic arrangement of beautiful words and the previous editions for being the best and the professionalism of writing is engraved in fully entertained.

It has been a good journey in The articles published are the publishing trend of this beautifully captured from monthly magazine that is all around the world, unveiling the about to educate, entertain and color of world culture and to inspire.

The world is a global traditions, reading some of the village and all the people are stories from selected writers united through the digital exposing one to cultural values technology.

We share thoughts, and different lives styles of aspiration and do things different people of the world.

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Chemical Engineering working As a Nigerian, an African I with Ahmadu Bello University, believed that only knowledge Zaria one of the magnificent and inspiration can make this world a Universities in the country. The magazine progressive one with full of peace in every looked at the importance of the two books of place. Coming together through this medium Professor Bugaje Elite Darling Dating Site his lectures on the can make so many changes in our lives and put importance of skills in the field of work in an end to all the problems the world is facing.

The world is diverse and that is how the taste There are so much to enjoy and explore in of the people manifests. This magazine carries the magazine in two languages of Italy and different packages to provide every ready English.

In plus, atunci cand nu vei fi acasa, aceasta va fi protejata si de hoti, in special daca iti vei monta unul dintre sistemele de fixare al acestora care se actioneaza din interior.

The poetry come with different themes and words talking about 3 correction and motivations. Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo Kaduna State, Nigeria The greatest enemy for humanity is Editor ignorance and when we seek knowledge and continue to seek knowledge we will come to year I, no.

July 1, poetry and smooth our misunderstandings in time… Marija Najthefer Popov So, year after year, all chances were missed and heart, Born Elite Darling Dating Site Sivac Backa, Vojvodina, Serbia on heart suffered an attack!

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Sinceshe lives and I tried to explain to them creates in Zrenjanin. Until now, she has been that it was fatigue published in more than a hundred joint, caused by pain, longing, sorrow because of domestic and international poetry collections; you, Elite Darling Dating Site in several domestic and foreign us, my Darling, journals; translated into several languages. The motive … and while they were performing open heart behind her poetry is Rose, and Woman in all surgery on me, its beauty and splendor… Love is the initiator I held Elite Darling Dating Site firmly of everything!

I could not resist fear There you abide, rein, cause pain, suffocate… and temptation… but, it is OK! I hope you are well, thanks to God. They did bypass and regulated my blood flow For many years, the aorta of life saying: only one blood cloth poured into my heart but caused hundred percent blockage! July 1, blocked passage of my life every love boat you stop and sink… Hidden in your poem ….

No matter in what language you write Darling, I wrote selfishly, so much I understand you. How are you?

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Do not hide in verses I heard you waiting for heart transplant. To be Elite Darling Dating Site, that news broke me.

If you write about winter I freeze.

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  • Forget looks and personality - it's a VOICE that attracts us to people | Daily Mail Online
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I decided to write this letter to you, my When you write about tear I cry, Darling, about beauty I become shy, and let you know, about goodness, this morning in the transplant center thank God we are alive. I wrote and signed: Good thing we are here, even as examples. I donate my heart to you, But, when you write about love, exclusively!


I plug all my senses, I am in it, You know, my Darling, a lot of hidden me is your poem. I met you … in the rose garden like a bee would The clouds are so soft!

I brought you Me, definitely yours!

Они лежали на широкой кровати под балдахином в «Стоун-Мэнор». О кольце он позаботиться не успел, слова пришли сами. Именно это и нравилось ей в нем - спонтанность решений.

Written: with ink from my heart-with bloody My dream of you ink of my life. My dream of you, To uproot hatred, once and for all. Why not the radiance of harmony illuminate For his unique poetry compositions to Every heart and every place on this planet; promote Universal Peace, Elite Darling Dating Site Brotherhood, Why not the paths of firm love and concern Environment Consciousness, Protection of Stretch deep into the heart of every human.

Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana Eternal will be the joy of freedom with unity received several Wondrous will be the prestigious national individuality with and international dignity; awards.

His message- Time is ripe to script centric poems have the song of been translated into compassion 15 international To douse the fires of languages.

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As of now, hatred and eight out of his 18 devastation. That apart, 13 Let us teach humane values to one and all spiritual-related books have been translated Respect traditional and cultural values of all; by Elite Darling Dating Site from Telugu to English language. Let us remove the veil of hatred and Elite Darling Dating Site And uplift the suffering humans from Furthermore, Dr. Ashok received downfall.

Once and for all A. July 1, Milica Boskovic these effects of life always increase in the way of mortality, U krugu that is call only. The Spiritual Legend thoughts and the way of Okreć em se u vrtlogu, that Immortal things u daljini nebom modrim which goes into that passes through the all primijetim š arenobojnu dugu….

Whenever we think about that, Č ovjekova tajna… this is a possessive thing or not Sve je oduvijek isto i uvijek isti dovjeka… or Od poč etka do kraja we are doing something best u krugu dana obrtaja.

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