Om cautand un om de mese

om cautand un om de mese

Tweet The 'work meeting' has taken many blows in recent times; many people agree meetings are overused, time-consuming and not very productive in terms of finding solutions. It's a problem-solving method Barbara Soalheiro has developed and tested for 16 months around the phrase "we believe in doing".

om cautand un om de mese

During her time there, she became Editor-in-Chief of Colors, the Benetton magazine Oliviero Toscani co-founded in Next stop: a total of 4 months spent in om cautand un om de mese digital ad agency, not understanding why she had to solve client problems without working with client people.

From then on, she decided to create her own problem-solving approach. For a MESA to take place, you basically need: a leader, a team of carefully selected experts, a mission and a tight deadline. It can be 3 days, but no more than 7; the average rolls around 5 days in which a curated team can even develop a product from scratch - recipe, packaging and communication Website intalnire de frumuse e. At the end of each MESA, a prototype is mandatory.

Catch up with her on Friday at the event; reasons abound below. Versiunea in limba romana aici. Career sequences I started in magazines and worked first at an amazing project, created by Brazilian writer Ziraldo, a magazine called Palavra. We covered om cautand un om de mese and culture from all over Brazil a country that tends to speak a lot about the southeast region, which is richer, and leaves behind the more traditional and less wealthy states.

Then I went into Editora Abril, to work at Superinteressante, a magazine covering science and political affairs. I would spend 3 to 4 months researching one subject very deeply, like Mental Health or Prostitution or Alternative Medicine and so on. When I went to Capricho, Brazil's biggest teen brand, I had to learn how to do a magazine for someone else: a girl who I was not.

And that was such a great source of om cautand un om de mese for me when it comes to "users". I ended up becoming editor-in-chief of Capricho, an operation that had a magazine, a website, a set of events, brand licensing for tons of different products.

I never learned so much in my life! Your 2 years through the chaos of Benetton's Fabrica I am someone who can operate in chaotic environments. I did see some of my friends hate Fabrica because it lacked the structure and the objective that some people need. For me, it was a transforming experience and it forced me to be in contact with myself and the things that matter to me only. I also felt like I'd learned enough at Fabrica.

I had become editor-in-chief of Colors, and felt like I had played the magazine game already. I thought I knew a little about advertising because Fabrica is very connected to the vision of advertising that Benetton has. But I was wrong. Advertising in an agency is a completely different thing and it didn't make much sense to me, a journalist.

om cautand un om de mese

One thing I really didn't get was why I had to solve a problem for Google without people from Google. I used to think: no one knows more about this than my client, why can't I sit with him and work?

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It seemed not very smart to me. There were lots of little parts and experiences that led to it. The first idea was that when you hear someone speak - in a TED conference, for example - you get very inspired. And when you are a professional with 5 or 10 years experience what you need isn't inspiration, but this kind of learning. We still do these educational MESAS, but as we evolved we understood that innovation is also about learning and that we were more than a school.

We don't use any word to define ourselves some people call us a consultancy, other a method, others even an agency — clients who tend to bring communication challenges. We say we set working tables and the place we look at is the perfect work experience. MesaPerry Testing, testing I tested the idea for 16 months! The hardest part was having the courage to start something that had no benchmark.

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I was so scared. I could have done it earlier. But I was too afraid.

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Why a maximum of 6 days for project resolution? It was very random!

Nu încearcă să îmbunătățească meniul din cantinele școlilor și nici să inventeze mâncăruri nemaivăzute, ci și-a făcut un nume fotografiind extravaganțe culinare precum curcubee comestibile sau iPad-uri prăjite. Dar cel mai faimos e proiectul lui No Secondspentru care a recreat ultimele mese ale mai multor condamnați la moarte și le-a prezentat într-o serie de fotografii tulburătoare.

The first Mesa was from Sunday to Friday. I thought: "Let's start on Sunday so it seems less about work and more about fun, something you do on the weekend. And then I thought Friday was a good day for the launch party. These days, we only do 'educational' Mesas in 6 days.

om cautand un om de mese

With clients, we usually work for 5 days, Monday to Friday. And there are 3-day and 7-day Mesas as well, but those are less frequent. The curation process When we curate a team for a Mesa, our goal is to make sure we have every single skill and all the knowledge necessary to accomplish our mission. It's not only about getting great people, but about getting one great person to every pillar of knowledge we om cautand un om de mese.

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We look for people who are running some of the most innovative and forward thinking business of our time. Real doers who can share their mistakes and learnings and, therefore, accelerate decision-making. We are not talking about a specific pool of professionals that we fish from. We are talking about finding the best person — whoever they are, wherever they are — for that specific challenge.

The mission was to create second-screen projects that used user collaboration. Andy didn't feel comfortable choosing one idea and prototyping — and I had no history to show him it would work — so we ended up with 4 keynotes, which is exactly what we didn't want!

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That was super important because it helped me become very clear with the next leaders and make sure they understood there was no chance we could finish with a keynote. I'll show some examples at Unfinished, but we can go from creating a new product for Nestle the recipe, the packaging, the communication, all in 5 days to reinventing a company as big as Natura, Latin America's biggest cosmetic company.

om cautand un om de mese

Because of my background, we get a lot of communication challenges. But that's not our focus.

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Because we set the perfect team for each challenge, we can really tackle any problem there is out there. MesaAperol, Venetia The most complex project to date They all seem so complex at first; and then obvious, when the result comes.

We managed to help the team who owns Google Earth see an improvement in the product itself, which is SUPER rare at Google they are too good to miss something.

Why diversity is so crucial to problem-solving When you work with a non-diverse team, you tend to deliver things that matter "to you" because all the people involved are alike. On the other hand, when you work with a diverse team, you tend to deliver things that matter to more people. And that is SO relevant in so many ways.

Especially financially. He is also a minor partner at Mesa, with some equity.

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We charge a methodology fee, which includes all the work pre-MESA. I also thought the line up was very very impressive! We'll also share examples of successful cases, as well as practical tools to allow people to work in a more efficient way. You'll learn why we never use the word 'collaboration' and you will understand the power of doing rather than debating.

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