Rabat dating site

Rabat dating site

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Definiţia cuvântului "Rabat": 1. After the unified community of Rabat-Salé became the home of large numbers of Andalusian Moors who had been driven from Spain and, later, of the Sallee Corsairs, the most dreaded of Barbary Coast pirates.

Under the French, it was made the administrative capital of a French protectorate after Now a centre of the textile industry, it is noted for its carpets, blankets and leather handicrafts. In Roman times the site of Mdina and Rabat Rabat dating site occupied by Melita, the island's capital.


The modern names date from the Arab occupation of Malta, when Mdina was fortified and what remained outside the walls was called rabat suburb. There are many Roman ruins, including a partially restored villa housing a museum. Extensive early Christian catacombs are beneath the town and there are several cave churches and medieval churches and monasteries.

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The nearby Verdala Palace was built as a summer residence for the grand masters of the Rabat dating site Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and was used by the governors of the islands. Situated within an agricultural region, modern Rabat produces wine and a variety of handcrafted textiles.

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Population : 12, Rabat dating site Ribat, national capital and one of Morocco's four imperial cities, on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River, opposite the town of Sal. The history of Rabat is closely connected to that of neighbouring Sal, the site of which was first occupied by the Roman settlement of Sala Shella. During the 10th century, Sal was established by the Zenata Berbers, who were orthodox Muslims, to house the heretical Berghouata Berbers.

Rabat itself was founded in the 12th century by 'Abd al-Mu'min, the first Almohad ruler, as a ribat camp at which to quarter the troops for his jihad holy war against Spain.

He later abandoned his efforts in Spain in order to concentrate his efforts on the conquest of North Africa. He also erected Rabat dating site great fortified wall within which the modern town has developed and he built the notable tower of Hassan still standing.

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After the unified community of Rabat-Sal became the home of large numbers of Andalusian Moors who had been driven from Spain and, later, of the Sallee Corsairs, the most dreaded of Barbary pirates. Under the French, Rabat was made the administrative capital and, upon Moroccan independence, was designated, together with the city of Sal, an urban prefecture; it now embraces an area of square miles 1, square km.

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The old town, still surrounded by ramparts, lies near the coast. Within its fortifications are the medina ancient Muslim town and millah Jewish quarter.

To the north, on a cliff above the Bou Regreg, stands the 17th-century fortress of Casbah des Oudaa, with a splendid 12th-century Almohad gateway, an Andalusian garden and an adjoining madrasah college that houses a museum of Moroccan art.

Southeast of the old town are a number of outstanding historical structures, including the 12th-century tower of Hassan, a magnificent minaret and the ruins of the mosque of Abu Yusuf Ya'qub al-Mansur never completed ; Rabat dating site the southwest of the old town are an archaeological museum and ar-Rouah city gate, also dating from the Almohad rule.

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The modern quarter of Rabat is partly enclosed by the fortified wall. Relatively modern structures, including a royal palace built in the s, Muhammad V University foundedthe national library and various administrative buildings, are located in the city's southern outskirts.

No longer a port of any significance because of the silting up of the river mouth, the city is now the centre of an important textile industry and Rabat dating site noted for its carpets, blankets and leather handicrafts.

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Other economic activities include fruit and fish processing and the Rabat dating site of bricks and asbestos. Rabat is connected to Casablanca 57 miles to the southwest and Tangier miles to the northeast by road and railway and it has an international airport.

Population Area Code Morocco Te rugăm sa votezi definiţia cuvântului "Rabat" care este cea mai utilă pentru tine. Dicţionarul conţine următoarele traduceri în franceză pentru "Rabat": Engleză.