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CVE v3: 5.

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CVE v3: 9. CVE v3: 6.

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CVE v3: 7. Directory paths containing an initial tilde followed by a valid username were affected by this issue.

A local attacker could exploit this flaw by creating a specially crafted path that, when processed by the glob function, would potentially lead to arbitrary code execution. This was fixed in version 2.

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CVE v3: 7 17 apr. Specifically, the backtrace function did not properly check the array bounds when storing the frame address, resulting in a denial of service or potential code execution.

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The highest threat from this vulnerability is to system availability. The earliest affected version is 3.

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This breaks the security guarantees of the DTLS protocol. CVE v3: 8. Calling memcpy on ARMv7 targets that utilize the GNU glibc implementation with a negative value for the 'num' parameter results in a signed comparison vulnerability.

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If an attacker underflows the 'num' parameter to memcpythis vulnerability could lead to undefined behavior such as writing to out-of-bounds memory and potentially remote code execution. Furthermore, this memcpy implementation allows for program execution to continue in scenarios where a segmentation fault or crash should have occurred.

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The dangers occur in that subsequent execution and iterations of this code will be executed with this corrupted data. Specially crafted output, or a special program, could corrupt memory and crash Screen or possibly have unspecified other impact.

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This leads to a crash or potential code execution during GPG signature verification. An attacker could use this weakness to create forged certificate signatures.

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This issue affects GnuPG versions before 2. When cpio is used to create TAR archives from paths an attacker can write to, the resulting archive may contain files with permissions the attacker did not have or in paths he did not have access to.

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Extracting those archives from a high-privilege user without carefully reviewing them may lead to the compromise of the system. A local attacker could run this utility under resource pressure for example by setting RLIMITcausing grub2 configuration files to be truncated and leaving the system unbootable on subsequent reboots. However, it does so incorrectly.

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An attacker with command execution in the shell can use "enable -f" for runtime loading of a new builtin, which can be a shared object that calls setuid and therefore regains privileges. However, binaries running with an effective UID of Site ul de dating C lib are unaffected. The attacker must include a Content-length header Site ul de dating C lib a large positive value that, when represented in 32 bit binary, evaluates to a negative number.

It is considered as one of the most significant records of Late Quaternary environmental and climatic change in the region. Age information for the sequence was previously obtained through time—depth modeling of magnetic susceptibility data and optically stimulated luminescence dating OSL of fine silt-sized 4—11 μm quartz. This study documents the granulometric properties of the sequence, and compares the OSL characteristics and age of fine sand-sized 63—90 μm quartz to those of silt-sized quartz. OSL signals from both sand and silt-sized quartz are dominated by a thermally-stable fast decaying component.

CVE v3: 3. This makes it possible in some circumstances for one domain to impersonate another.

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By creating a malicious domain that matches a target domain except for the inclusion of certain punycoded Unicode characters that would be discarded when converted first to a Unicode label and then back to an ASCII labelarbitrary domains can be impersonated.