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Argeș County[ edit ] Trivale Forest in Pitești - There is a legend about a maiden, daughter of a rich landowner, who loved a poor servant of her father. Her father found an old rich man for her to marry, but during the wedding day, she ran with the servant in the forest.

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Her father found them and killed her lover and then decapitated her. It is generally accepted that the two scary things about the forest are: the decapitated ghost White Wedding Femeie Search the bride and the people going in the forest to do satanic rituals. A third legend related to the forest, set in the ss that originated among taxi drivers' lore, tells how a woman told a taxi driver to drop her off at the site of an abandoned site in the forest; the taxi driver was given the woman's wedding ring as payment.

The taxi driver then fell asleep and woke up in the nearby housing estate ten years later, finding out that the woman committed suicide after her husband died in a car crash on the day of the wedding; the taxi driver later found the wedding ring in the passengers' seat, attached to a rotting finger.

Within the park is the Summer Theatre, built in During the night, in the area can be heard strident sounds and the cough of a man whereof it is said that belongs to Bazilescucoming from beyond the columns of the derelict theatre. It was a big monastery, with thick walls, reason for that the Turks "confused" it and assaulted it.

Moreover, some historical sources show that between its walls died of plague the Metropolitan of Wallachia, Cozma.

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The land and the building have never got to be sanctified. For these reasons it was abandoned, and the monastery's bell was thrown in the Dâmbovița White Wedding Femeie Searchpeople blaming it cursed and leaving it in ruins.

Chiajna, who would have been killed on the orders of her mother after she ran with her beloved without her mother's approval. She died there, after three hours she desperately cried for help, with no one to hear her.

Many say that her screams can still be heard.

It is said that, especially in long winter nights, can be heard on adjacent streets groans and cries of those who died on hospital beds.

It is the site of two tragic events: in the interwar period, a man would have killed here two women, and within a few years, a young woman would have committed suicide.

In this orphanage were brought homeless children, even by its owner — Stavrache Hagi-Orman. He kept the kids in unimaginable conditions, without water and without food.

After dozens of children died of starvation, the orphanage was closed. Locals reported voices of children crying "Water, we want water!

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Here still operate a casino. It is said that in the past century, several players committed suicide inside the house after they lost the entire fortunes at roulette.

Am văzut cum eram transformată într-o carte albă. I saw I had been transformed into a blank book. Nu contează dacă hârtia e albă. I don't care if the paper's blank. Am călătorit prin deșert într-o rochie albă.

Reports indicate three ghosts that haunt the house. They shake the furniture, cause air currents and sometimes even appear on the hallways of the building. Passers also reported strong odor of sulfur in the building's yard. Within weeks, the debris disappeared in its waters, although the pond has a depth of only one meter and a half. Locals say that many times when pregnant women didn't want the child went to the pond, bathed and ridded the pregnancy.

Even the animals would be scared of this place: there would White Wedding Femeie Search no frog or any being that lives in the pond, and the animals don't drink water from there. The pond is famous for the gipsy witches that gather each year to Sânziene, St. George and St. Andrew to practice their magic rituals. The pond never change, doesn't dry, doesn't expand, whether it rains or is drought. Here, people say that existed a monastery of monks, but they were killed by the Turks, and the place was made one with the earth by the pagans.

So that, after death, the spirits of those who have defiled hands with the blood of the monks returned in thickets of Călugăreasca, from where they never found the way out.

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People are reluctant White Wedding Femeie Search seek the thickets of Călugăreasca due to the curses, and the only safe place in the woods was the large white cross that reminds about the monastery and that protects those who pray next to it when the night catches them in the grove.

Legend says that there were often seen sinister shadows that seemed to be of some soldiers, while through walls were heard strange noises, groans, sounds White Wedding Femeie Search footsteps or indistinct voices. Legends would have occurred, it seems, after a shepherd disappeared into the forest along with his sheep and no one managed to fete singure care caută bărbați din România neither he nor any part of the flock.

People who accidentally pass right through active areas report skin White Wedding Femeie Search, redness, irritations, headaches, amplified sensation of thirst, anxiety, sensation of fainting.

Numerous accounts of villagers reported unexplained physical sensations, observations of various shapes and colors lights, strange shadows, voices and human faces. InAlexandru Pătruț, President of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology, caught a strange phenomenon in the forest, around the Easter: a kind of sap flowed profusely from the top of the trees.

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He also reported strange sounds of ambulance sirens, tire exploding and even cuckoo clock. Here it is said that on 24 September[28] Margareta Ștefănescu died in a car accident, even on her wedding day, and since then the place has become cursed.

The road was "baptized" by locals "the Road of Crosses". In the road tragedies are involved especially men. For example, only in —09 in that place 12 young men died, mostly unmarried.

Likewise, there were several reports of a silhouette of woman dressed in white near the trinity. Locals put numerous tragedies on account of the curse of a bride, who legend says that in the s hanged herself in the forest surrounding the lake.

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A long time ago, the village was moved because of the strigoi. According to a villager:"The evil spirits haunt us at both day and night.

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Nobody dares to go up the hill because of the vampires. A neighbour has paralyzed many years ago when he bumped into one of the evil spirits. During the night can be heard howls of beast or human, followed by roars of laughter. Here can be seen strange lights that "run" through the mansion, especially during the winter.

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A former tenant reported a black creature running through the nearby forest. Likewise, were seen flames lighting up suddenly in the abandoned salons. On the other side of the hill, in the commune of Lunganipeasants saw headless people who went on the road [36] or even the devil in the body of child or cat. The accidents are attributed to a ghost which is said that comes out from the crops and scares the drivers.

In the s, a young woman named Pălăguța, envied by women for her beauty, was accused of witchcraft and beaten to death. It is said that appeared after midnight and went to houses where women violated the church rule. Women would have been hit in the temple and died or remained paralyzed. It is said that the castle was built in accordance with the indications received during some seancesfrom White Wedding Femeie Search dead daughter.

Locals say that White Wedding Femeie Search the night, Iulia Hasdeu can be heard playing the piano, in father's applause.