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Only description of specific activities effectively carried out by the partnership and respective results shall be reported; please do not paste information from the project proposal. When answering to the questions, please take into consideration the instructions available for each question — please click on the "? The below Declaration on Honour, to be signed by the Legal representative of the Coordinator and to be attached to the e-Report, confirms that a process of consultation and approval has been carried out by the partnership.

It is therefore important that the required information is collected in good time before the deadline for the submission of the report.

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In this case the Financial statement with no request for further pre-financing shall be used. If the THIRD pre-financing is requested with the report, you need to submit in the system both the Technical report 2 and the Interim report 2.

In this case please use only the Financial statement with request for further pre-financing published under the below category Request for further pre-financing and ignore the below Financial statement published under the category Technical Dating site uri pentru africani.

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Report documents: Technical report corresponds to the report line Technical report 2 in the system Narrative part and general information for submission This document is provided for information purposes only.