Rock Metal Dating Site, Tablou ROCK, metal, 50x4x75 cm

Rock Metal Fest

Dear friends, We are going through a period in which the lack of predictability is a destructive factor for the gagici singure in Europe and for those in our country as well.

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In the absence of clear answers from the authorities or at least a paper plan to provide a framework for maneuver, we can only imagine various scenarios. We worked hard prior to edition for Rockstadt Extreme Fest and for an exceptional line-up.

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Then Rock Metal Dating Site continued, with all the resources available in a difficult year, to keep the whole line-up in We are ready to have Rockstadt Extreme Fest this year. And then we will have to choose to host some of you and to set some of you aside.

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How could we do that? We imagine that you have to sit with your mask on your face when your favorite band is on stage or, even worse, you may have to sit on chairs away from your friends with whom you came or maybe you met them there.

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We imagine that someone, permanently, draws your attention to keep your distance when the joy of seeing and embracing your friends is at home in Râșnov. We cannot imagine that this is your long-awaited vacation, without freedom, without socialization, without all friends, without joy, without happy memories. We would like to believe that a festival can take place in such conditions but we cannot.

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This is not the spirit of Rockstadt Extreme Fest that we have known since We have taken into account all the messages received from you and your concerns and we believe that it is fair play to let you know now that Rockstadt Extreme Fest will not be able to take place in in these conditions. We have already started working on the Rock Metal Dating Site and soon we will let you know what happens with the passes you have already bought, with the promised vouchers, with the bands that we will see together and other details about the festival.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and Rock Metal Dating Site safe! With sadness but high hopes, The Rockstadt Extreme Fest team ×.

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